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Scripture Rocks Heritage Park is a free public access site open Dawn-Dusk from April-October (weather depending). The park is located on Route 28, 1/8-mile south of I-80 exit 81.

Pollinator Pond

Because the trails are not handicap accessible, we created an ADA accessible nature watch area for those not able to explore the trails. The Native Plant – Pollinator Pond Habitat and Educational Staging Center is our most recent project at the park. Transforming a required drainage pond into a pollinator’s oasis; complete with information panels and signage along with picnic tables and a small dock to view the pond wildlife. 

Trail Guide Booklet

The park is sectioned into color coded loops for easy way finding. Each engraved rock is individually numbered and corresponds to the trail guide, providing insight to their meaning. Information panels along the trails also help tell the story of Stahlman and highlight other aspects of the park including local history, lumber heritage, wildlife, geology, and a small prehistoric archaeological site located within the park.

Picnic Pavilion

A public picnic area and restroom are available at the trailhead along with other picnic tables. The picnic area is for public use and available on a first come, first served basis. Power is available for an additional cost. Please notify JCHC in advance of reservation.

If you are wishing to reserve the pavilion for guaranteed availability, contact JCHC (814) 849-0077. We request a donation of $25.



No hiking trail is without a certain amount of danger. It is your responsibility to determine if it is safe for you and your family. If you have issues walking on uneven ground or slopes, it is best to avoid them.

Trails are not ADA accessible.

Allow approximately 2 hours for your visit.

  • Respect the park and wildlife

  • Stay on the trails and beware of poison ivy

  • Do not use crayons, paint, or other items on engravings

  • Do not deface the site by carving or reworking old ones

  • Do not remove artifacts of any kind

  • Do not liter

  • Keep pets on a leash and dispose of animal waste properly

  • Report any vandalism. Destruction to park property, signage, or defacing the rocks will result in prosecution including conservation costs.


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