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Scripture Rocks Heritage Park

Come discover the story of Douglas Stahlman, a troubled man with a powerful message

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Scripture Rocks Park is a free public-access site, open dawn to dusk from April to October. It consists of 1.5-miles of gravel-covered pathways, winding through more than 60 boulders carved with the philosophy and tribulations of Douglas Stahlman in the early 1900s.

The park is located on Route 28; 1/8-mile south of I-80 exit 81.

What's new at the park

May 22, 2023 – Local 4th grade students visited Scripture Rocks Park to learn about the plants, trees and animals that call the park home.  Check out some photos from their field trip.

4th graders

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Scripture Rocks Park is free, donations are appreciated. Open from Dawn to Dusk. Please respect the park and wildlife by staying on the trails, do not litter, keep pets on leashes, and dispose of any animal waste properly.

Our Mission

To preserve and present a free publicly accessible heritage park as an outdoor museum for all ages to explore and enjoy, and to provide an educational experience that includes historical, cultural, and environmental aspects as well as the unique legacy of Douglas M. Stahlman.

Scripture Rocks Park is operated by the Jefferson County Historical Society. To learn more about Douglas Stahlman and the history of Jefferson County, visit the Jefferson County History Center at 172 Main Street, Brookville, or online at