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Scripture Rocks Park provides great opportunities for schools and educational programs to teach kids of all ages. Through coordination with educators, we are able to offer field trips and tours, and host various 4th grade school districts annually.

We encourage you to explore some of our past programs and contact us to discuss opportunities for your students.

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2024 Clarion-Limestone 4th Grade at Scripture Rocks Park

May 17, 2024 – Two busloads of Clarion-Limestone 4th graders descended on the “Scripture Rocks” Park for an educational nature and cultural heritage adventure. We obtained an “Every Kid Outdoors” grant from National Park Trust and USDA Forest Service to sponsor this event.

National Park Trust’s Every Kid Outdoors Small Grants Program, developed in partnership with the USDA Forest Service, supports schools and non-profit organizations focused on connecting elementary youth to public parks, lands, and waters. The grant funded school bus transportation, student and teacher lunches, Scripture Rocks Jr. Ranger and Pollinator booklets, and rack cards on pond life, monarch life cycle, birds and beneficial insect pollinators. Booklets and rack cards were all designed by Staff, and interns (Kat Lyons, Ken Burkett and Alyssa Burkett), and together with “Presenter” volunteer time, became the “in-kind” (non-dollar) match for the grant.

The 60 students were divided into groups of 12-14 to rotate through 5 stations where experts in their field presented the following programming:

Dana Hannibal and Megan Whitlatch, Jefferson County Conservation District, presented the Pond –Pollinator program, Dale Luthringer, DCNR Education Specialist at Cook Forest and Clear Creek State Parks, presented the Forestry and Forest Birds program; Larry Anthony and Walter Skryzpec, JCHS Board President and Board Member, presented the “Tour of the Inscribed Rocks”; and Ken Burkett, JCHS Board Treasurer, presented the Native American Rockshelter program. Kat was the coordinator and designated photographer at the event; also designated to “put out any fires,” of which there were none! The 5th station was the “Trail Name Game” activity where kids came up with nicknames from a list of nature-themed words.

This year’s emphasis was on conservation and stewardship, a focus of National Park Trust & USDA Forest Service, and also of the JCHS Heritage Park.

This project was made possible by USDA Forest Service and National Park Trust’s Every Kid Outdoors Small Grants Program. #NationalParkTrust #EveryKidOutdoors

JCHS Heritage Park (“Scripture Rocks”) provides great opportunities for schools and organizations to take advantage of our educational programs to teach kids of all ages. Working with professionals in their field, we are able to offer cultural history tours and field trips. We host various school districts annually for an all-inclusive immersive nature and cultural history experience. We encourage you to contact us to discuss opportunities for your school or organization. Phone: 814-849-0077. Email: #jchs

2023 4th Grade Field Trip to Scripture Rocks Park

May 22, 2023 – the Jefferson County History Center hosted the local Brookville 4th graders for their annual field trip to Scripture Rocks Park. JCHC volunteers were joined by Dana and Megan from the Conservation District, who delivered a presentation on the animals found in the pond and the pollinator ecosystem.
4th grade visit to SRP
4th Graders explore the pollinator pond.